Robert Werth

Robert is a Civil and Construction Engineer, experienced in international construction business and FIDIC assest Adjudicator, with extensive experience in preparing and defending quantum and time related claims and in providing contractual advice and training in a broad range of construction sectors, including civil engineering, marine, water, wastewater, solid waste, building, mechanical and electrical sectors and operation services.


Robert has over two decades of international experience gained when working with or on behalf of owners, operators, contractors, lawyers and consulting organisations, on numerous projects throughout Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Ukraine, Denmark, Serbia, Slovakia, Turkey, Czech Republik, Poland, Malts Cyprus, acting in various capacities, including advocate in pursuit and defence of claims, as an independent expert and/or as appointed Adjudicator in case of disputes.

He serves on FIDIC contracts, such as Red, Yellow, Silver, Gold, Yellow plus operation, White Book, or EPC-Contracts, also Consession-, BOT- or BOOT-agreements and various kinds of tailor made contracts.


Robert specialises in provision of dispute avoidance and resolution services in project, contract, claim, dispute and commercial management and regularly conducts training and workshops. Robert is a Fidic accredited international Trainer.


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