Former Thesis Topics

Course 7 | 2021 - 2023

  • Potentials of infrastructure construction in Africa and the Middle East
  • Studying the results of integration of Digital Twin in European construction projects
  • Escalation clauses in international arbitration: Mere arbitral procedures?
  • Implementing Climate Change Requirements for infrastructure projects: A comparison of NEC4 and FIDIC
  • Analyzing and managing BIM legal problems in different contract models in Germany
  • Quantum Aspects of Claims for Construction Projects – Discussions on Calculation Methodology
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanisms for construction projects in Spain –
    Guidelines for local and international practitioners
  • An exploration of alliance contracting strategy for the management of risk in the delivery of
    infrastructure construction projects in Ghana
  • EPC contract’s risk management for onshore wind projects
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Dispute Resolution Alternative in Kenya
  • Developing dispute resolution strategies for small and medium scale construction projects
    in Developing Countries
  • Comparative Analysis of Mechanisms of Extension of Time, Variation and Claim Clauses under
    FIDIC and NEC4 Standard Forms of Contract
  • An approach for a collaborative project management
  • Application of Forensic Delay Analysis: Best Practice to Avoid Delay Related Disputes
  • Sustainability – The role of Construction Contracts and Legislation


Course 6 | 2020 - 2022

  • Analysis of Ghana’s Alternative Dispute Resolution’s framework as a guide
    for international contractors and investors

  • Practical challenges in the Implementation of the FIDIC Conditions of Contract in Kenya

  • Analysis of the Contractor Liability in FIDIC Yellow Book 1999

  • Using FIDIC yellow book in offshore wind projects – Potential risks moving from onshore to offshore
  • Comparative Analysis of Claim Management and Dispute Resolution under FIDIC Contracts

  • Comparative Analysis of Claim Practice and Cost Definitions under FIDIC and VOB/B
  • Risk Management Framework for Public-Private Partnership Infrastructure Projects in East Africa

  • A Comparative Study of Techniques for Delay Analysis in a Delay Event and their
    Impact on Employer and Contractor
  • Comparison of Mechanisms in Contractual Entitlements for Claims under FIDIC and NEC Contract

  • Employer’s guide to improvement of standard construction contracts in regards to right for acceleration
  • The Applicability of FIDIC Standard Form of Contracts in contrast to Public Works Contracts
    used in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the implications under Sharia Law
  • Analysis of the scope of services for design engineers and architects in order to fit under
    an IPD contract model approach
  • Power Projects and Project Finance – Project Risks and Risks Allocation in Construction Documentation
  • Assessing concurrent delays in construction contracts to defeat a global claim
    in civil and common law jurisdictions
  • Analysis on the Effectiveness of Extension of Time Clauses under Internationally Used Standard Forms of Construction Contracts
  • The (new) German construction contract regulations – fit for purpose?

Course 5 | 2019 - 2022

  • A comparative Study of Delays in Projects in the Middle East Region
  • Assessment of Delays on Fast-Track Projects and its Practicability
    under different Contract Forms and Legal Systems
  • Enforceability of liquidated damages clauses in construction contracts applying English laws
  • Delay and disruption analysis - Practical example using prospective and retrospective
    in Fidic Forms of Contract and Romanian Standard Forms
  • A comparative analysis of NEC and SIA: The applicability of NEC in Singapore construction industry in transforming the industry to be more pro-active in contract management and dispute resolution
  • The Impact of Applicable Law on Variations and Adjustments: A case study of
    Highway Construction Contracts in Kenya
  • The Evolving Role of the Engineer in Standard Forms of Contract - particularly in the FIDIC Suite
  • How to reshape and leverage disruption in construction ecosystems through collaborative frameworks
  • Theory & Practice of Clients Enforcing Contractual Obligations in China
  • A Compliance Perspective on the 1999 and 2017 Editions of the FIDIC Yellow Book and
    the MDB Harmonised Edition of the Red Book (FIDIC Pink Book 2010)
  • The Global Integration of Sustainable Energy in Public-Privat Partnership Models
    in Low- and Mid-Income-Countries
  • A Guide to Implementation of Contracts Training Programs for Construction Businesses
  • Procedural methodology to create a collaborative relationship contract management with
    no collaborative contracts involved at the beginning
  • Change Orders in Construction Contracts and Associated Delays and Disputes
  • Implementing collaborative processes and contracts in Costa Rica´s construction industry
    to achieve successful projects

Course 4 | 2018 - 2020 

  • A comparative analysis of ad-hoc and institutional arbitration: The benefits of an ICC arbitration compared to the possibility of defining own arbitral procedures and rules
  • A Comparison between Litigation, Arbitration and Adjudication: Best Method to Be Implemented in Engineering & Construction Disputes in the Middle East
  • A guideline for an International Construction subcontractor in the German Construction Industry
  • Analysis of Claims Relating to Design in Complex Construction Projects and How to Avoid or Minimize the Claims
  • Assessing concurrent delay in construction contracts for an entitlement to extension of time and liquidated damages claims
  • Comparison of payment options in the EU construction industry with emphasis on security and effectiveness
  • Critical analysis on the implementation of Dispute Boards in PPP´s and Public Works in South America
  • Dispute Resolution for Infrastructure Construction Projects in the Belt and Road Initiative in Asia
  • Examining adequacy of FIDIC Redbook towards cost performance and adoption of FAC 1 in government funded road projects in SADC Region: Case of Malawi
  • Extension of Time, “Time of the Essence” and “Time at Large” under the FIDIC Silver 2017 and NEC 4 Contracts and applicability under Civil, Common and Sharia Jurisdictions – A Comparative Study
  • Implications of Contractual Variations and Claims versus Compensation Events on Project Management
  • Interface Management in Complex Construction Projects between Contractors with different FIDIC Contracts
  • Problems caused by the PPADB Act and Regulations with the FIDIC Framework – A focus on the construction sector in Botswana
  • Swedish AB04 and ABT06 versus FIDIC 2017 versus NEC4 Options A to F – Comparison of contemporary Nordic and international Change Management approaches in context of modern international construction

Course 3 | 2017 - 2019 

  • A Comparative Study of Surety bonds between Ontario, Quebec and other selected common law countries
  • A Public Private Partnership in Kenya – A case study of railways concession
  • Alliancing versus traditional Design-Build contracting – The Finnish example in the international context
  • Analysis of a design and build construction contract in hospital construction in Sri Lanka in an International context under the FIDIC yellow book
  • Analysis of dispute avoidance mechanisms in contracts – Comparison between FIDIC 2017 and NEC4
  • Are Dispute Boards the ‘need of the hour’? – A Sri Lankan Perspective
  • Comparison and in-depth analysis of claim procedures in “old” FIDIC 1999 vs “new” FIDIC 2017 Red and Yellow Books with special focus on time-bar provisions
  • Comparison of Project Development under Civil and Common Law
  • Construction Dispute Resolution: Why Arbitrates rather than litigates – A comparison between common law, civil law and sharia law jurisdictions
  • Contractual challenges arising from the introduction of BIM to the construction industry – A comparison between existing standard forms and proposals to improve workability
  • Cross-border financing of infrastructure projects
  • Design Build Contract – Comparison of ENAA (Engineering Advanced Association of Japan) and FIDIC Conditions of Contract 
  • Force Majeure Clauses in the Construction Contract of the Republic of Korea – A Comparative Approach
  • Legal framework for development of infrastructures in Latin America –  Recommendations for enhanced implementation of FIDIC Conditions of Contract
  • Legal Remedies for Contractors against the Disclaimer Clauses
  • Liability of Expert Witnesses in International Arbitration
  • Limitation of liability in construction contracts – its limits
  • Procurement and Tendering for Public Private Partnerships – Comparison between European Union and Brazil
  • Protocol for Standard Contract Forms for projects involving Building Information Modelling (BIM) in Vietnam
  • The Role of Applicable Law in Production of Particular Conditions of Contracts; Determination of Conflict/Convergence between FIDIC and Applicable Laws – a Case Study of Kenyan Roads Construction Industry
  • Utilization of Design-Build-Operate standard form contracts for waste-to-energy projects 

Course 2 | 2016 - 2018 

  • A comparative analysis of the legality of time bar clauses under English and UAE law
  • Critical analysis of Indian courts interpretation of FIDIC Red Book contract clauses - Development of a guideline for interpretation of Red Book 1999 clauses
  • Design responsibilities in domestic and international design and build contracts
  • Developments in the law of international arbitration and construction adjudication in South Africa
  • Effects of mandatory provisions of terminations in construction in the UAE
  • Exclusion and limitation clauses in construction contracts - A comparison between common law, civil law and sharia law jurisdictions
  • FIDIC Yellow Book 1999 versus NEC4 Option C - A comparison in the context of the international contstruction industry
  • Guidelines for International Construction Claims
  • Legal basis and the development of PPPs in turkey - Recommendations to improve the legal PPP climate with a focus on the health sector
  • Liquidated damages and penalties - A comparative analysis between common and civil law
  • Private participation in infrastructure in developing countries in Africa - Trends and impacts
  • Public-Private Partnership models in the health care sector – A case study based analysis for selecting the qualified model
  • Rights and obligations for payment in construction - A comparison of common law and civil law systems
  • Special conditions to the FIDIC Yellow Book 1999 contract for international hydropower projects - A guide for the development of supportive software
  • Steering Committees as a dispute management tool in construction contracts under German Law
  • The FIDIC Red Book in the Ghanaian infrastructure industry - Recommendations for enhancing compliance
  • Towards adopting the Framework Alliance Contract (FAC-1) in the UAE's construction industry - A comparative analysis of the pros and cons

Course 1 | 2015 - 2017 

  • A roadmap towards an efficient public procurement system in Moldova
  • Application of FIDIC White Book contracts on German and Swiss construction projects – problems and chances
  • Challenges in the Armenian water sector - Development of a management system
  • Change order mechanisms of design and build construction contracts - From tradtional to alternative approaches on how to minimize dispute risks
  • Court and tribunal appointed experts in construction disputes under civil law and common law - Present and future
  • FIDIC 1999 standard form of contracts - In-depth analysis of sub-clauses 2.5, 3.5 and 20.1 as part of a claim procedure
  • FIDIC build-only contracts MDB Harmonized Edition - Traditional Contracting in a fast-track implementation context
  • Issues Relating to different standard forms of contract and their application on international construction projects
  • Liability of arbitrators and adjudicators in international dispute resolution
  • Limitation of liability in construction contracts - A comparison between English and French Law
  • Links and differences in taking over between FIDIC model contracts and Romanian law as applicable law
  • NEC - A new form of contract advantages and similarities with teamconcept and adaption of subcontractor and consultancy contracts in international construction projects
  • Standardization of procedure and documentation of delay and disruption under FIDIC
  • The new generation of contracting - Time for a shift from VOB and FIDIC to NEC?
  • Valuation of Variation: A comparative review of provisions within construction contracts in India
  • Value for money analysis in privately financed public infrastructure projects - A risk management based approach