For years, there has been a huge lack of recruiting adequate qualified personnel and managerial personnel in the sector of International Construction and Law in real estate and construction industry. This need isn’t sufficiently covered by appropriate training facilities in the short-, medium- and long-term. Actually there is - at least when considered continental Europe - no university or top-notch institution for further education which covers this deep and complex content of this course.


The increasing internationalisation – even in the course of the emerging markets in Europe, Asia and Africa – of companies in the construction and realestate industry – whether in the developer, contractor or consulting sector – causes an increasing need of qualified and managerial personnel.


Successful working in international business necessarily requires the successful dealing with the common international standard contracts and techniques which are already used of the World Bank, many national development banks and not least of the European Union for several years now. Especially the contracts of the FIDIC (Fédération Internationale des Ingénieurs Conseils) are of particular importance.


The insufficient resources are implicating the requirement to improve already existing managerial and qualified personnel after graduation. This course contributes to satisfy the economy’s need.


As part of this postgraduate improving course, the students will be comprehensively trained for the therefore required engineering and practical, as well as economical and juridical sections of international construction.